Important message from CFVS Founder Brandy Vaughan:

Hi Everyone,

Natural News has written a very important article on the intimidation I have received from speaking out against SB277 and mandatory vaccinations in general. Let’s make one thing clear: I am in no way happy to write this post. And I am NOT happy to have experienced these events, which have been extremely unsettling as you can imagine. But it is important to document and write about these incidents so those committing these crimes will think twice. Harassment is NEVER ok, in any form.

Last time I checked, the US Constitution gives every American the right to free speech — even if they speak against the injustices done by very powerful corporations, and even if those corporations have very strong ties to US politicians and the government.

There are three VERY important points that I feel I need to clarify, on record, given the recent events:

**** I am NOT and have never been suicidal or depressed. I would NEVER take my own life — I was born a fighter in every sense of the word — and I would never leave my family voluntarily. As for “accidents”, not likely. In fact, I’m the kind of person who has survived accidents that I shouldn’t have.

**** I have been given a very important purpose in this lifetime. As dangerous as it may be to speak out against a broken vaccine system (and US healthcare system in general) — and the pharmaceutical companies and government officials/agencies that PROFIT off the problems they have created — I WILL NOT STOP SPEAKING THE TRUTH. No matter how much heat I take for it. I refuse to live in fear. These tactics only prove that I am hitting very close to home.

**** Most importantly, speaking directly to those who have committed the harassment: if you think I am dangerous alive, you should know that I am FAR more dangerous dead. There is a large-scale fund dedicated to exposing this if anything were to happen to me — and I have been promised that it will be matched many times over. So making me (or anyone close to me) a martyr would only bring MUCH more exposure to the truth that you are trying to hide.

One more important point so the true message does NOT get lost in all of this: Independent, peer-reviewed science is CLEAR: every vaccine shot does damage. There are known toxins such as aluminum (known neurotoxin) and formaldehyde (known carcinogen) used as adjuvants and preservatives in vaccines. The only question is the degree of damage done — there are no coincidences. Other countries are seeing the damage and waking up…why are we falling so far behind?

Where there is smoke, there is fire. When there is a risk, we MUST have a CHOICE. TO BE CLEAR: Medical mandates, including mandatory vaccinations, are solely for PROFIT.

If this is truly the Land of the Free, medical mandates have absolutely NO place in our society.50 years ago there were commercials touting DDT, the extremely toxic pesticide, as science’s greatest achievement.

Thirty years ago, they said the science was settled on tobacco and cigarettes were safe — doctors even recommended certain brands. Twenty years from now, most Americans will wonder how Big Pharma got away with passing mandatory vaccination laws with criminal consequences in the “Land of the Free”, while enjoying complete federal immunity from lawsuits when vaccines injured people. Most will wonder how we stood by and believed them when they said that known carcinogens were safe to inject into our children.

Profit at the expense of our children’s health is NOT ok. The US leads the developed world in vaccination schedule, recommending 2-3 times more shots than other developed countries in the first year. We also lead the world in many childhood issues and diseases: SIDs, autoimmune disorders, ADHD, leukemia, learning disabilities, food allergies, asthma…and autism (aka vaccine-induced brain damage…seizures are NOT normal ever and don’t let any doctor tell you differently).

This is the first generation of children sicker than their parents. Our new normal in the US is NOT the normal elsewhere in the developed world. We, as Americans, are free to WAKE UP at anytime. An entire generation of children is hanging in the balance…

So here’s the Natural News article and within it is a link to a video I made to document the harassment. Again, I am in no way happy to have experienced this or to write about it. Six months ago, before SB277 was announced, if anyone had told me I would be where I am today, I would’ve laughed and called them crazy. Six months ago, my life was very different than it is now.

But as I have learned many times in my life, it never goes as planned and there’s a surprise around every corner. I’m grateful for all the support and love that surrounds me, and prayers are always welcomed. I am incredibly honored that I was chosen to carry this torch of truth for every child, adult and family that has been adversely affected by vaccines, especially those that have lost their lives. They deserve justice, and they will not suffer or die in vain.

WE ARE BEING LIED TO, again and again in the name of profit and greed. But I wholeheartedly believe THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL.

Will you help me make this happen? I can’t do this alone.

Thanks for reading and thanks for all your support,