What’s Really Behind Mandatory Vaccines?

Council for Vaccine Safety founder, Brandy Vaughn, joins the show to discuss what’s really behind the push for mandatory vaccinations. The pharmaceutical industry is set to make billions off of mandatory childhood vaccinations, and now both boys and girls will... read more

Merck Whistle-Blower Details Mandatory Vaccine Push

Rob Dew speaks with former Merck sales rep Brandy Vaughan about the plan for pushing mandatory vaccines, and how it starts with the HPV Shot. Brandy also discloses new information about the Vitamin K shot and the dangerous new additives that are being being pumped... read more

Docs, parents speak up for vaccine choice

INSIDER INFO: Brandy Vaughn was a former employee of Merck pharmaceuticals, but left after Vioxx was found to nearly double a patient’s risk of heart attack. She became an advocate for informed consent and now speaks out against pharmaceutical companies. She couldn’t... read more

Info Wars: The Truth Behind Mass Vaccination

Brandy Vaughan, a former pharmaceutical sales rep, is founder of the Council for Vaccine Safety. As a former industry insider, Brandy became disillusioned with what she says is the truth behind mass vaccination, and has made it her quest to expose how vaccine... read more

Patrick Timpone: Profitable Vaccination with No Liability

Brandy gives us some background about when she worked at Merck and the scandal and lawsuit about the safety of Vioxx. Vaccine studies are substandard; Brandy tells us why. The ingredients in vaccinations are dangerous; the vaccine makers are not held liable America... read more

The Legacy of SB277: Children First, Adults Next

By Brandy Vaughan On June 30, 2015, California governor Jerry Brown signed the now-infamous ‘no vaccination-no education’ law, SB277, into affect as of 2016. With the passage of SB277, California joins two other states — Mississippi and West Virginia — to enforce the... read more