TIME TO GET REAL: Gardasil, the highly controversial and highly marketed HPV vaccine, is the driving force behind the 100+ mandatory vaccination laws sweeping the country. It was priced at $135/dose, more than all childhood vaccines combined. Merck then persuaded the FDA to recommend not one but TWO boosters and approve the recommended age down to 9 AND recommend it for boys.

That’s more than $400 per child in the US between the ages of 9-20(ish). Anyone want to do the numbers here? This vaccine alone could be worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Gardasil is the new blockbuster drug that Merck is counting on to recover from the loss of certain other drugs going off patent in recent years. Gardasil has been pulled off the schedule in other countries, including Japan, after a huge number of adverse reactions and deaths were reported. There are a large number of lawsuits against Merck for adverse events and flawed safety studies, which did NOT include a saline-based placebo. But those lawsuits are NOT in the US because drug makers have complete freedom from liability if a vaccine injures or kills someone — it’s the only product in the US with blanket liability from lawsuits. doctors are protected too, and make a considerable amount in kickbacks from giving it.

It is also currently, the most advertised pharma drug on the market. Yet, instead of questioning the flawed safety studies or blanket liability that does not give a drug company an incentive to make safer vaccines — the US is pushing 100+ mandatory vaccine bills in 38 states right now.
The lead researcher on Gardasil safety studies has come out against it saying that it was never proven to work and there were too many adverse issues with it, including deaths. But this is never talked about…

There are over 300 new vaccines in development. The US gives more childhood vaccines than any other developed country, twice as many as most. There is a national adult vaccination program in the works consisting of 114 vaccine doses, and that doesn’t even include the annual flu shot. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE??!! These potential laws have NOTHING to do with public health and everything to do with PROFIT.
Please stand with us and let pharma know: OUR CHILDREN ARE NOT FOR SALE!!

This story is one of many and represents exactly why we are taking on this HUGE mission. We will give these families a voice — we need to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Please consider helping us raise awareness and spread the truth: Council for Vaccine safety. Www.safevax.org. Our first major projects will be to launch a major media campaign discussing these points and advocating for safer vaccines in general, as well as sponsoring local awareness-building events (including the flyers, brochures and press kits that go along with these events), and fund travel costs to different speaking events, rallies and media interviews. PLEASE HELP US GET THE TRUTH OUT!!!




In 2008 our doctor wanted to give our daughter the Gardasil vaccine. He said it would protect her from getting cervical cancer. We said ok after talking it over with her. Turns out it was the biggest mistake of our lives. We came home from work just 40 hours later and she was dead on the bathroom floor. The coroner and the forensic team told us she died instantly,all alone, nobody by her side. They did not give a reason for her death and closed the case . We were left with no answer.

We researched the only thing we had to go on, the Gardasil. Only 8 deaths were reported at that time, we were one of the first to realize it was the vaccine. The adverse reactions were scary,girls couldn’t walk anymore,they had seizures every day, thousands and thousands of cases and only 1 in 10 are ever reported. We just couldn’t believe it. Then we learned the government was protecting the drug companies by making it impossible to take legal action against them. Instead you have to go through the government compensation program with a maximum payout for your loss and suffering of $250,000. At first we were just going to give up but NOOOOOOooooooooo
Thats never going to happen!!

We got a lawyer,we found an expert witness, he proved it, the drug companies expert actually agreed,and we won our case. Will there be an investigation now? Will it be taken off the market? NOOOoooo it won’t. They are promoting the new Gardasil9 now, giving it to boys now too. And every day 100’s more are sick and dying from the Gardasil vaccine. Welcome to the greatest country in the world. Where we kill our own children and just shrug it off. If the government just thinks we are going to go away, think again.